Tuesday, 26 October 2010

hanya kepada-Nya aku b'tawakal..

smkn b'tmbh arie,smkn m'cabar ilmu yg diperolehi.smkn byk ilmu Allah yg dibongkarkan dan disampaikan kpda hambaNya yg serba kekurangan.Segala2nya tlah m'buka mata bhwa ilmu Allah ini t'sangatlah tinggi dan b'nilai sehinggakan sekecil-kecil zarah pun tetap dipelajari. :)
Sesungguhnya,kefahaman itu milik Allah.Sebagai hamba,hanya mampu berdoa agar dibukakan pintu hati untuk mudah memahami segala2nya.Hikmah yg diberikan Allah kepada hambaNya tidak dapat dilihat secara zahirnya tetapi perlulah disedari dan diperbaiki dari saat ke saat.Ya Allah..Kau berikanlah kami kekuatan Ya Allah..untuk kami mencari ilmuMu di bumi anbia' ini Ya Allah.Kau permudahkanlah urusan kami di cn Ya Allah.Kau berikanlah kefahaman yg meluas kepada kami untuk menimba ilmu Mu ini Ya Allah.Kami sedar diri ini hamba yg lemah.Kami memerlukan pertolongan dan kekuatan Mu Ya Allah..amin ya rabbal al amin..

Saturday, 23 October 2010

++ alzheimer disease ++

juz to let everyone know bout dis fatal disease since my sis mention about my late grandpa who was suffering for alzheimer.i really didn't know his condition.but one day,when i was here.sitting on my chair.keep reading bout alzheimer.remembring da moments with late grandpa.
umm..actually,pykt ney fatal.seriesly i don't know.really lack of knowledge.hehe.~ [ dat's y Allah chosee me to be a doc insyaAllah.] umm.back to da story.
alzheimer ney ada 7 stage.but,every stage is very severe if nobody detects it.stipa stage tu sememangnya t'jd kt tok ayh. let me share with u lil bit bout dis disease since a blog is not only for telling secret or wut.huhu..
does not experience any memory problem[seem loke normal]

- having memory lapse
- forget familiar words,location of everyday object

- losing/misplace valuable things
- trouble remember name when introduced to new people.

- forget recent act.
- forget one's own history
- become moody or withdrawn

- confused where they are or what day
- need help to choose proper cloth for occasion
- no require help to go to toilet/eating
- still remember significant detail bout him/herself and family
- tend to wander or lost

- remember own name but difficult to remember own history
- need help in dressing
- major changes in sleep patterns
- need help in handling toileting

- lose ability to respond to surrounding
- lose ability to smile
- lose ability to carry on conversation
- lose ability to sit without support
- lose ability to control movement

yg ney la stage yg ditempuhi oleh pskit alzheimer.so,for those who are reading my blog,plz take of ur beloved one when he/she is suffering for it.sesungguhnya ajal maut di tangan dan pengetahuan Allah semata2 :)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

**gloomy day**

umm,,nk tlis gk ntk entry ari ney.
seriesly ari ney yg plng sdey kot.pcek arab taxi ney t'lalulah diskrimanasi dan x b'atie prot.ada ka ptot,nek tksi tu smpai 5 gnih[t'lallulah mhal],naeknya 4 org ja.pastu dh la x antar smpai dpn u.saket atie..dy biorkan kmi kt seberang jln ja.ish..ish..ish..xptot2.pastu dh la kna lntas jln yg t'amatlah sesak.keta2 tu suma cm x dk break ja.pmndu2 suma dh ghairah drive smpai x asa cm nk benti keta pon kt kmi yg nk melintas ney..seriesly aku t'lalu sdey.
pastu otw nk blek plak,naek la taxi gak.kli ney,b'serah ja la pa2 nk jdi pon.tya la driver tu,tao x syari3 sesostrees kt mna.dy angguk bajet cm tao ja.skli msok2 taxi,dy tya plak kt mna..ptot kah???kmi jgk yg kna tnjuk jln.pastu skali dy charge 5 gnih jgk.ishh!!mmg t'lalu diskriminasi.try la mnx 4gnih ja.'oh..no!la'la'..
saket atie x...??

Sunday, 3 October 2010


_nothing interesting to be written_

salam.juz drop by here to typing all da nonsense thing to be shared.hehe..~~ really eager for dis moment.juz want to share my experience's life+my surrounding here and there.thinking wat to write.bcoz it's juz a few minutes-drop by.

um.going to story bout a man.an ordinary man.likely my late grandpa who dat i couldn't have da chance to take a look at him even a glance. *really full of misery* back to da origin.

dis man .. wat's so special bout him.haha.nothing special.juz , one day,he was walking behind us and keep calling. "bint..bint..bint.." "ahhh..it's juz a beggar"*in my mind. but,when i look at him.oh!his face was likely my late grandpa.dat tym,only Allah knows my feeling. he told us dat he need money for his daughter to buy medicine+really need 10 genih or 5 genih.he keep storied us n at da same tym,his tears was falling but juz lil bit. wargghh!!why could dis happen front of me??.hahah..without hesitate,^^,i became his assistant to get our tears falled.hahaa..my fren looking weird of me.haha.. [mcm byk dh grammar yg slh ney] in front of da crowd,i tried to ctrl myself.pretend to be a gud listener.

actually,da point dat i'm going to highlight is wherever u go,don't forget to aware of something. [ is it true? ] um..egypt is one of a country dat has da same problem with indonesia,india n etc.. dat is,dis blessing country is full of beggars.bcoz here,one who is very poor,really poor..one who is richest,still be the richest until certain tym.

* mnx maap sbb byk kot grammar yg slh ney.nk pektis ckp english byk2.haha..^^