Sunday, 13 May 2012

Learn English


In this entry,i'll try as much as I can to write in English,BUT seriously you'll find out few a lot of broken grammar,inappropriate vocab,and bla bla bla.[don't know what to say bcoz lack of vocab :(
Ahah! And also, i really need you-you who read this entry to comment something regarding my writing whether grammar,vocab or what so ever.either thru the comment or just pm me in fb.SERIOUS! I really need your help.

Actually,this entry is just to express my feeling towards English.How I feel about this language.Why do I want to learn it better than before.To whom I will refer to if I want to ask something about English.Which blogs I've tagged as bookmarks to read their entry in the awesome way of writing English I guess.And so ...

So first,why do I want this? Because as for me,English nowadays has became one of the most important language in the world since everybody is using it if they go a foreign country as they expect that everyone know and can speak in this language well.So,for me it's such ashamed and inferior if I can't understand and talk fluently for I don't want people to see me as a weak English user because I have my pride as a Muslim and I don't want to underestimate Muslim just because of me!And also,I strongly believe that as a Muslim,there's a lot of skills that we have to acquire and to learn and one of them is by grabbing the chance to speak in English well.

When I was in secondary school,I sometimes felt inferior and "bodoh sombong" if I ask someone to explain and to know the meaning of certain words because ... ntah la.But,my abah  beloved abah is the only one yang I didn't feel ackward or "bodoh sombong" to ask.hehe.Ok,then just now I've assigned my roomate shazwani saari to be my tutor in order for me to learn this well.hah!

Anyhow,I'll try my best to read the writing of my friends who used to write in English and for me they are awesome in they way they express their thoughts in English.haha.anyway,they still have the ability to use this language is an appropriate way.So,here they are amalina sarkhan anis nadia shazwani saari . Just try to view their blog and you'll find them interesting!insyaallah.

dah la wei.penat aku nak kena perah otak cari ayat yg sedap-sedap,vocab yg x typical.hadoii.sokay la.i'm just trying my best over this.

                                  I've got a lot of books to be read,but it still have been finished yet
                                                   p/s : yg 5 tahun 5 bulan tu not mine okay :p

Just bought them this afternoon.Hope to gain something new from this.This is not such that 'ilmiah',but my purpose is just to improve my English



  1. the first rule in writing in English is that, you should start to think in English, your ideas should be in English, rather than in translated Malay. That is to say, in your brain, you should start constructing English sentences rather than constructing Malay sentences and translate it into English later on. Why? because when you are thinking, constructing sentences in English, you'll obey the rules of the language which will then make your sentences sound a lot better.

    it makes a lot of differences. trust me.

    but still, your English is quite good. It just that it needs some polishing (:


  2. thank you iman :)this really motivates me.

    but,the biggest problem is when I don't know and don't have the ideas how to construct,think in English rather than translate Malay sentence into English sentence.but seriously,i'm trying as much as I can to ... to.. to.. to tidak m'translatekan Malay tu.


  3. eh, buku the end of the world the sign etc2, bought time jie dtg dlu kan?

    p/s: common entry, "oh my english" muahaha:p

  4. thanks for providing this information really it is helpful

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