Saturday, 23 October 2010

++ alzheimer disease ++

juz to let everyone know bout dis fatal disease since my sis mention about my late grandpa who was suffering for alzheimer.i really didn't know his condition.but one day,when i was here.sitting on my chair.keep reading bout alzheimer.remembring da moments with late grandpa.
umm..actually,pykt ney fatal.seriesly i don't know.really lack of knowledge.hehe.~ [ dat's y Allah chosee me to be a doc insyaAllah.] umm.back to da story.
alzheimer ney ada 7 stage.but,every stage is very severe if nobody detects it.stipa stage tu sememangnya t'jd kt tok ayh. let me share with u lil bit bout dis disease since a blog is not only for telling secret or wut.huhu..
does not experience any memory problem[seem loke normal]

- having memory lapse
- forget familiar words,location of everyday object

- losing/misplace valuable things
- trouble remember name when introduced to new people.

- forget recent act.
- forget one's own history
- become moody or withdrawn

- confused where they are or what day
- need help to choose proper cloth for occasion
- no require help to go to toilet/eating
- still remember significant detail bout him/herself and family
- tend to wander or lost

- remember own name but difficult to remember own history
- need help in dressing
- major changes in sleep patterns
- need help in handling toileting

- lose ability to respond to surrounding
- lose ability to smile
- lose ability to carry on conversation
- lose ability to sit without support
- lose ability to control movement

yg ney la stage yg ditempuhi oleh pskit,for those who are reading my blog,plz take of ur beloved one when he/she is suffering for it.sesungguhnya ajal maut di tangan dan pengetahuan Allah semata2 :)

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