Sunday, 3 October 2010


_nothing interesting to be written_

salam.juz drop by here to typing all da nonsense thing to be shared.hehe..~~ really eager for dis moment.juz want to share my experience's life+my surrounding here and there.thinking wat to write.bcoz it's juz a few minutes-drop by.

um.going to story bout a ordinary man.likely my late grandpa who dat i couldn't have da chance to take a look at him even a glance. *really full of misery* back to da origin.

dis man .. wat's so special bout him.haha.nothing special.juz , one day,he was walking behind us and keep calling. "bint..bint..bint.." "'s juz a beggar"*in my mind. but,when i look at him.oh!his face was likely my late grandpa.dat tym,only Allah knows my feeling. he told us dat he need money for his daughter to buy medicine+really need 10 genih or 5 genih.he keep storied us n at da same tym,his tears was falling but juz lil bit. wargghh!!why could dis happen front of me??.hahah..without hesitate,^^,i became his assistant to get our tears fren looking weird of me.haha.. [mcm byk dh grammar yg slh ney] in front of da crowd,i tried to ctrl myself.pretend to be a gud listener.

actually,da point dat i'm going to highlight is wherever u go,don't forget to aware of something. [ is it true? ] um..egypt is one of a country dat has da same problem with indonesia,india n etc.. dat is,dis blessing country is full of beggars.bcoz here,one who is very poor,really who is richest,still be the richest until certain tym.

* mnx maap sbb byk kot grammar yg slh ney.nk pektis ckp english byk2.haha..^^


  1. i miss tok ayah olso at dis moment..
    cant stop my tears ..

  2. juz stop it or you may pray for his blessing ..
    it's better rite.


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